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Mahindra Adventure commenced “Tri Nation Escape 2013”

One of the nation’s leading SUV manufacturers, Mahindra and Mahindra, has flagged off its “Tri Nation escape 2013 which is being hosted under the brand “Mahindra Adventure”. This event commenced on the 21st of October and will end on the 31st of October 2013 and will be held in India, Bhutan and Nepal.


25 expedition vehicles and 5 service vehicles have embarked on this journey. These vehicles kicked off the event from New Delhi and will reach their final destination Bagdora in 11 days. The vehicles will move through the majestic land of Nepal and will halt at some tourist attractions like the ancient city of Pokhara. Then these vehicles will set out for Bhutan also known as the Land of Thunder Dragon. This drive will test the endurance of both the cars and their drivers. At the same time the participant will get to see some of the most beautiful places in the Asian continent. The vehicles will cover a total distance of 3000 km between New Delhi and Bagdora.

Official Partners: Servo-oil partner, Oakley-eye gear partner and Woodland-adventure gear partner.

The following is the route and schedule of the rally:
·    21st Oct- Delhi- Shivpatinagar
·    22nd Oct- Shivpatinagar- Pokhara
·    23rd Oct- Pokhara
·    24th Oct- Pokhara- Kathmandu
·    25th Oct- Kathmandu
·    26th Oct- Kathmandu- Biratnagar
·    27th Oct- Biratnagar- Chalsa
·    28th Oct- Chalsa- Thimphu/ Paro
·    29th Oct- Thimphu/ Paro
·    30th Oct- Thimphu/ Paro
·    31st Oct- Thimphu/ Paro- Chalsa


Marine engines launched by Scania in India

Scania, a commercial and engine manufacturer from Sweden, has launched its marine engine platform which has a high output V8 engine of 16 liter, a power pact engine of 13 liter and a new series of 9 liter engines at the 2013 INMEX India.


Scania has an excellent reputation and very loyal customers all over the world. Now the company has launched the marine engine in India. The Mumbai based Aries Technical Services are going to be their authorized dealers in the country.  They will be dealing in the auxiliary, propulsion and marine gensets for all the professional segments. The company also recently revealed its range o power engine in June 2013.

The following are the key characteristics if Scania Marine range:

1) Reliable, economical and uptime.
2) Scania architecture that is easy to service.
3) Easy parts supply and servicing due to the modular designing.
4) The engine management system and performance can be optimized as per the task.
5) The entire range passes the latest emission standards.

Along with the marine engines, the company will also bring the new power generation engines and a range of industrial engines through the network which it will establish in the nation. The company is also making an investment of Rs 2.5 bn to build a new plant. This new facility will serve as the company’s commercial center.

The company also launched a new coach range in the early 2013 which was especially designed for the Indian market. This new range is being offered in 3 trims.


BMW releases new 2 Series coupe

World renowned luxury car maker, BMW, has rolled out its new 2 series sports coupe which endorses great exterior styling elements which can be credited to its team of in house designers that is headed by Karim Habib, BMW brand design boss.


The 2 series coupe looks more elegant than the older gen series 1 coupe. The car is proudly showcasing a combo of contemporary touches and traditional elements in a premium 3 box body. This has given the car an overall great look along with practicality.

Just like with the other BMW models, with this model too, the company has given the customers a choice of 4 individual lines which are SE, Sport, Modern and M sport which will endorse 18 inch wheels and slightly lowered suspension.

The new 2 series has an overall length of 4432mm, breadth of 1774 mm and a height of 1418 mm. This makes this car longer by 72 mm, wider by 24 mm and shorter by 7 mm than the 1 series it will replace. The new 2 series has a 30 mm longer wheelbase as compared to the 1 series.

The car can accommodate 4 passengers and has a boot capacity of 390 liters. The interior will display elements which have been borrowed from the 2nd gen 1 series like the front seats, the dash board and the switch gear. But there are unique elements incorporated too that add to the individuality of the car.


Force India Honours Sachin Tendulkar with a Tag

Another Formula One connect has been received by Sachin Tendulkar with the Force India cars set to carry the #MasterBlaster on their livery which will come as a tribute to the legendary Indian batsman as they gear up for the Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit which is in Greater Noida, India.


Tendulkar has had F1 connections in the past too with him driving a Ferrari F1 car during F1’s Schumacher era. Following that, he also waved the chequered flag at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix which was held at the BIC two years ago in 2011.

In order to commemorate the master’s retirement Force India has taken this step. The idea is to give the legend the well-deserved respect through this token of appreciation on their behalf. The Indian Grand Prix which is this weekend is most certainly the best platform in this regard. Force India too saw the beginning of its journey in 2008 with Vijay Mallya purchasing the team from the now defunct Spyker F1. The Midlands F1, Spyker F1 and the Jordan Toyota were all the bottom of score sheets throughout 2005 to 2008 before Force India stepped in to consolidate their position. Now the same team which has a different name is a mid-field competitor showing the leaps and bounds with which it has grown. The current drivers are Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil who will both be competing at the BIC this weekend.


Chevrolet launches Cruze facelift at Rs.13.75 lacs

General Motors has been facing a tough time in India. The company had recalled over a lac of Tavera owing to the weight fudging issue. As a result the company can be fined for up to Rs.1.5 crores by the Indian Transport Ministry. Amidst this the company has quietly rolled out a facelifted model of the Chevrolet Cruze. The car has been priced at Rs.13.75 lacs for the base level variant, LT manual. This facelifted model of Cruze will compete in the D segment with latest model of Skoda Octavia and the Hyundai Elantra.


If we look at the overall design of the car, it does not seem to have changed significantly. The car simply endorses a re- design front bumper which now carries a new grille and fog lamp surrounds.  The updated Cruze also gets to see modified all alloy wheels which give the car a more premium look than before. Talking about the rear profile, the car still endorses the same conservative design instead of some dynamic and sleek styling tweaks. This has been a major drawback with the Cruze.

The car on the inside, is offering more number of safety equipments like additional air bags. The top end variant, LTZ, now has 4 airbags. The car remains unchanged with respect to its mechanicals. The updated Cruze will be powered y the same VCDI engine of 2 liter capacity having an output of 168 PS and torque of 380 Nm.

The top end variant, LTZ, has been priced at Rs 15.25 lacs while LTZ AT will cost Rs 16.15 lacs.


New Citan Crewbus Revealed by Mercedes Benz

An MPV has been unveiled by Mercedes Benz. Called the Citan Crewbus, the seven-seater is based on the lines of the Renault Kangoo and is part of the alliance between Diamler and Renault. Modeled on an extra-long Citan variant, the car has a new third seat row as against the earlier version which had just five passengers.


The third seat is also foldable as well as detachable as per requirements of space. As of now, the Citan is only available in Europe but Mercedes is looking to bring it to Asia, the Middle East and China as well.

The top of the line model is the Citan 111 CDI which has an engine capable of developing 110bhp from a 1.5 litre displacement. Maximum torque too is 240Nm and the car has a 0-100kmph acceleration of mere 12.3 seconds. An optional BlueEffeciency package has also been included which has the Eco start/stop function as a standard on the car.

Apart from this the Citan 112 is also available which has a 1.2 litre engine which is good enough for 112PS. Both the 111 CDI as well as the 112 come with a standard six-speed manual transmission and the 112 has a 0-100 acceleration of 11.7 seconds and a top speed of 173kmph.

The Citan has been created keeping in mind the need for passenger transport particularly in commercial passenger transport, commercial transport of cargo and/or personnel and mixed commercial and private use.


Mahindra XUV500 W4 will cost Rs.10.99 lacs

Mahindra is soon going to launch a more economical base variant W4 of the XUV 500 which is being offered at a price tag of Rs 10.99 lacs.


This new variant will be launched by the company just a few days before Diwali and it will be a lac cheaper than the W6 variant. The company is able to offer such a low price for this W4 variant by eliminating some features and elements from the higher variant, W6 and W8. The best point is that the company has not made any alterations to the car’s overall looks which has always been a plus point of the XUV500.

The company has also brought about some improvements to enhance the car’s performance and has also solved the problems the original model had. The changes involve modifications in the braking system to solve the problem of noisy brakes, improvement in the quality of the car and in the clutch operation.

The W4 gets an infotainment system with 4 speakers having CD and MP3 compatibility. The W4 will not see any monochrome display screen. The W4 will also lack the auto cornering lamps, rain sensing wipers, front fog lamps, auto climate control, telescopic steering adjustment, cruise control, steering mounted controls and powered wing mirrors.

Mahindra has been facing a huge competition from star sellers like Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. The Ford EcoSport too has been giving a hard time to Mahindra vehicles due to its value for money parameter. The W4 variant might help the company to achieve some good sales figures.


McLaren reveals P1 tech specs

It has been reported that the McLaren P1 will be able to do a 0 to 100 kmph in a span of mere 2.8 sec. This is just one of the several performance parameters that the company has officially revealed.


This super car will do a 0 to 200 kmph in just 6.8 sec and will reach a speed of 300 kmph from standstill in just 16.5 sec. These figures clearly make this car as one of the fastest accelerating vehicle in the history. The car can run a quarter mile in just 9.8 sec at an astounding speed of 244 kmph. The car’s final speed is limited to 349 kmph.

It is interesting to note that the McLaren P1 is eclipsing with the Porsche Spyder 918 which can do a 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds while its does 0 to 200 kmph and 0 to 300 kmph in 7.9 sec and 23 seconds and can attain a final speed of 339 kmph. The P1 is also going to compete with the LaFerrari capable of doing a 0 to 300 kmph in a short span of 15.5 sec only. At present very few cars can reach 100 kmph from standstill in less than 3 sec.

What will make P1 stand out in the super car segment is its time 0 to 300 kmph time. The new P1 is faster than the Veyron Super Sport by 0.2 seconds and 5.5 seconds faster than its predecessor, the McLaren F1.

This P1 will be equipped with a V8 twin turbo engine of 3.8 liter as well an electric motor giving a total output of 903 bhp.


New services launched by Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is still continuing with its efforts to rule the Indian luxury car market. The company recently launched consecutively the A class, B class, a face lifted E class and then the super popular E 63. The S class is also on its way to the Indian show rooms. It has been giving a tough competition to Audi which earlier kicked Mercedes down from the first position. Keeping up with its strategy, the company has now started “My Mercedes” which is a new service initiated to add to the customer’s overall experience. In addition the company has also opened a new dealership in Gurgaon.


This new service will offer facilities like the National Remote Diagnostic Center. As a provision of this, various technical experts from Pune will be available to help the local technicians in diagnosing and resolving car problems at any location in the country. The company is also providing a fleet of 20 B class offering 24 hours road side assistance to the customers. It has also started a new online booking system through tablets and Smartphone.

The company has said that this new workshop, with 28 working bays and annual capacity of servicing 15,000 cars, is the biggest in the entire North India. This new facility will be offering assistance to owners in NCR, Delhi and Haryana.

The CEO of MB, Eberhard Kern, has also said that the company is aiming at servicing and repairing more than 1 lac vehicles in this year.


Winners of Castrol GP Predictor announced

Castrol GP (Grand Prix) Predictor is a competition based on the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2013. It is a free game and gives the player an opportunity to predict the first 10 winners before the start of each race. This is a global competition and will give the players a chance to win amazing prices like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.


This competition began on the 17th of March with the beginning of the Australian Grand Prix and will last till the season’s last grand prix which will be held in Brazil on the 24th of November. Each prediction helps the player score points. Towards the end of the season, the final winner will get the “Ultimate Prize” which is all expense paid trip to the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.

The 15th round of the Japanese season of the Formula 1 2013 has recently ended and a new set of winners of the Castrol Edge Grand Prix Predictor has emerged.

Following are the winners of the Singapore round:

1st position: Ratish Narayanan (BYOBB)
2nd position: Madhu Gowda (ForceM)
3rd position: Vikram Kumar (Raikkone)

Following are the winners of the Korean season:

1st position: Christopher Creado (sam002)
2nd position: Rachit Kakkar (F1 Racank)
3rd position: Nitin Pethkar (NITISWAP)

Following are the winners of the Japanese season:

1st position: Arpit Kumar (Force India Karthikeyan)
2nd position: Mukund Surendranath (Team Altius)
3rd position: Shankar Narayanan GR (GRS Racing)

Those who could not reach the top 3 slots, there is no need to be discouraged. There are still 4 more rounds to be held in this 2013 championship. The next is the Indian Grand Prix will begin this weekend i.e.  between 25th and 27th October 2013.