For Toyota growth depends on hybrid cars

Satoshi Ogiso, the managing officer of Toyota has released charts which suggest that the hybrid car program of Toyota is progressing rapidly. The demand–supply graph for oil though doesn’t cut a very pretty picture because of the fact that the gap will keep widening 2020 onwards.

The world might not totally run out of oil resources, but yet the forever developing world, especially countries like India and China will keep on increasing their fossil fuel consumption over the years, putting pressure on the supply-demand chain.

Another face of Ogiso’s presentation contains the needs for bridging the supply – demand gap. The managing officer of Toyota believes that natural gas which is compressed can be used as a vital replacement for oil. Even hydrogen powered vehicles and vehicles running on electricity are worth given a shot.

Depending on the policies of the Indian government, the Japanese automobile company will in all likelihood introduce mini hybrid cars such as the Aqua or Toyota Etios, in the smaller sized sedan segment. Toyota executives are banking on the type of support the Indian government has extended to their products like Reva.

The Toyota Prius is quite a symbol of status in India because of its steep price, but if the price is brought down to something modest, it might become a huge hit in the Indian market. It has great acceleration and rides smooth without any noise. The interiors are stylish, eye catching and very classy. The mileage also comes into the equation in the Indian market and hybrid cars are unbeatable in this aspect. The Prius alone can provide mileages of up to 30 km per litre.

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