2014 Jaguar XJ Updated with Host of New Features

The 2014 version of the Jaguar XJ, Jaguar’s luxury Sedan, has been upgraded in an effort to make it more attractive and alluring to the European customers. The car has mostly cosmetic changes on the inside as well as outside.


The XJ gets improved rear cabin choices which includes among others, “airline” style reclining seats which have 3 massage functions- Lumbar, Shoulder and Wave/Rolling as well as more headroom and business tables. The car’s rear suspension has also been specially re-tuned, and a revised entertainment system, with two hi-res touchscreen has also been included. The car also has Meridian Reference’s Audio System which comes with Conversation Assist. This feature makes it easy for the occupants of the car more audible by using the microphones above them, processing it and “reinforcing” the voice of the occupant with the help of the XJ’s speakers.

The exterior remains largely unchanged although the XJ now has soft closing doors and brand new 18-inch forged alloy wheels from Manra. An option from as many as 15 colours will be available for customers to choose from as per their desire. Apart from the current line-up of engines available with it, the XJ’s base 4-cylinder 2.0-litre engine will have Stop-Start system which provides better fuel efficiency.

The car is the most premium high-performance saloon car and has a dynamic set-up which is tuned for both, comfort as well as performance. The XJR will also bring in a massive breadth of capability in the segment.

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