Top 5 Hatchbacks in India for 2013

India has seen a variety of hatchbacks as this category of automobiles has been preferred by most of the people in India. In comparison to the previous year’s sale of 44730 hatchbacks, the sale this year from January to April has gone down to 39640 hatchbacks, showing a trend of declining sales for the past 7 months. The Hyundai i20 was an exception to this trend and saw an increase in sales by 19%. Looking at the demand of the buyers, the automobile companies have launched a number of hatchbacks, which are fairly priced and come along with a number of features. Some of these hatchbacks are as follows.


Maruti Swift RS (Best Maruti Hatchback)


One of the leading carmakers of India, Maruti Suzuki has launched a new version of swift called the Swift RS. It will be available in petrol VXi and diesel VDi variants, which will be sold only in limited numbers where diesel will be slightly higher than that of the petrol. It includes a rear spoiler with rear and front bumper enrichment which gives it a sporty design. The advanced engine offers great power while maintaining good fuel efficiency giving the car an 18.2kmpl mileage.

  • Engine- Petrol -1.2 K series engine giving a displacement of 1198cc
  • Diesel- 1.3litre DDiS engine
  • Transmission- 5 speed manual gear box
  • Maximum power- Petrol- 86bhp@6000rpm
  • Diesel- 74bhp@4000rpm
  • Maximum Torque- Petrol- torque @4000rpm
  • Diesel- 190Nm@2000rpm
  • Brakes- Rear- Drum brakes
  • Front- ventilated disc brakes

New Hyundai i20 (Best Hyundai Hatchback)


This is the next generation of the i20 starting at Rs.4.7lakh. It is available in both petrol and diesel and has a total of 12 different variants. The petrol version is priced between Rs.4.7-6.6lakh and the diesel variant from Rs.5.9-7.44lakh. There are many new features added to this generation of new i20, viz. the rear parking camera, electronic chromic mirror, disk brakes and also auto headlight control functions. The high powered engine manages to touch 100kmph in a mere span of 15.4 seconds and has a top speed of 170kmph.

  • Engine- Petrol-1.2 kappa engine with Dual VTVT mechanism delivering 84 Ps
  • Diesel-1.4 litre CRDi
  • Transmission- 6 speed manual
  • Maximum Power- 100Ps
  • Maximum Torque- 13.9Kgm
  • Safety – 6 airbags along with Disc brakes.
  • Tyre- 175/70/R14

Ford Figo (Best Ford Hatchback)


There is no doubt about the engine of Figo as to how well built it is. One of the main features of this car is the mileage that it gives. The Figo is available in both petrol as well as diesel variants. Figo is available in a variety of colors like the Sea Grey, Colorado Red, and Kinetic Blue etc. The engine of the car allows it to touch 100kmph within a span of 15.5 seconds and it has a top speed of 170kmph

  • Engine- Petrol- The petrol 1.2lite Duratec
  • Diesel- 1.4litre engine
  • Mileage- Petrol- 12.3kmpl in the city and 15.5kmpl on highways
  • Diesel- 17kmpl in the city and 20kmpl
  • Maximum Power- Petrol- 71Ps @ 6250rpm
  • Diesel- 69Ps@4000rpm
  • Maximum Torque- Petrol- 102Nm@4000rpm
  • Diesel- of 160Nm//22000rpm
  • Tyre- 175/65 R14 (Titanium model)
  • Safety- Airbags and ABS

Hyundai i10


Just like the next generation i20, Hyundai has also launched the next generation of its i10 hatchback. The car has gone for several road tests and will be launched globally. The two variants in which the i10 is available give an approximate mileage of 14kmpl in the city and 19.8kmpl on the highway. The engine of the car allows it to touch 100kmph in 15.55 seconds and has a top speed of 149kmph.

  • Engine- Petrol- 1.2litre Kappa petrol engine and 1.1litre iRDE petrol engine
  • Maximum Power- 68.1bhp@5500rpm
  • Maximum Torque- 99NM@4500rpm
  • Tyre- 13inch with 5Jx13 full
  • Safety- rear drum brakes, front disc brakes
  • Dual Airbags along with ABS

Maruti Alto 800


Maruti had launched the Alto 800 to replace the legendary maruti 800 which once took the Indian automobile market by storm. Priced at Rs.3.35lakh for the Metallic and Rs.3.31 for the Non Metallic variant, the Maruti Alto 800 has already become a darling of the auto lovers in India. In order to add airbags to the car, one will have to pay an additional Rs.18000, ensuring greater safety. Alto 800 is available in a variety of colors like New Frost Blue, Silky Silver, and Superior White etc.

  • Engine- Petrol and CNG variants
  • Transmission- 5 speed manual transmission gearbox
  • Mileage- Petrol- 22.74kmpl
  • CNG- 30.48km/kg
  • Maximum Power- 47.5bhp@6000rpm
  • Maximum Torque- 69Nm@3600rpm
  • Tyre- 145/80R12 Tubeless tyre
  • Safety- Offers single airbag with ABS (only in highest model)

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