Best new cars in India between Rs.2-3 lakhs

Are you planning on buying a low budget car? Then look no further. You have come to the right place. The following article is a compilation of a comparison between the best new cars between 2 to 3 lakhs which are currently doing the rounds in the Indian automobile market.

Best New Car in India between Rs.2-3 Lacs

Hyundai EON


The all new Hyundai EON is a small family sized hatchback that is targeted especially at the middle class Indian. So far it has been well received, according to the high and increasing marketing and sales figures. Presently, 5 different variants of the EON are available in the market, and all of them have similar specifications. The hatchback is powered by a 3 cylindered, 0.8litres, gasoline engine. An important feature of the car is its mileage of an incredible 21.2 kmpl which provides great fuel economy.

Hyundai EON price in India is Rs. 2.7 lakhs (Ex showroom Delhi)

Tata Nano


Tata Motors have recently launched a more fuel efficient and improved version of the Nano in the Indian automobile market. The new version is in a compact form and has many exciting attributes added to it. The petrol engine is also more powerful and delivers an amazing mileage of about 25.4 kmpl. Other than the engine, the car makers have also added details to the interiors of the vehicle and have been successful in making it more stylish and giving in giving the commuters a luxurious feel. When it comes to the engine of the vehicle, Tata have done well to incorporate a very powerful engine with a 624 cc displacement. It is capable of churning out up to 37.5bhp of power and a maximum torque of 51Nm.

Tata Nano price in India starts at Rs. 1.4 lakhs (Ex showroom, Delhi)

Ford Figo


When it comes to being economically affordable, Ford Figo is one of the best in its class. It is a diesel hatchback from car manufacturers Ford India. The car is small in size and stature but the diesel engine it sports is highly trusted and efficient. It is a 1399cc DuraTorq engine and offers up to 68 Bhp at 4000 rpm. The highest torque that can be expected is about 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. The Ford Figo offers a modest mileage of 17.0 kmpl (in city and about 20.0 kmpl in highways).

Ford Figo price in India starts at Rs. 3lakhs (approx) (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

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