Ghost V-Specification Unveiled by Rolls Royce

A new edition of the Ghost has been unveiled by Rolls Royce and is names as the Ghost V-Specification.

The new Ghost V-Specification has the 6.6 litre V12 engine which is the same as the Ghost but has a power upgrade of 30bhp. It now gives 593bhp in terms of power and 780Nm in terms of torque. According to Rolls Royce, this upgrade helps the Ghost move from standstill to a speed of 100kph in as little as 4.7 seconds. The car has a top seep of 250 km/h.


The Ghost V-Specification can be bought in five different and special shades of paint. A colour of the customer’s choice can also be selected from the manufacturer’s palette which offers as many as 44000 shades. This limited edition Ghost V-Specification has special motifs on both its interiors as well as exteriors. Among the exterior upgrades which are exclusive to the Ghost V-Specification are the chrome exhausts which are optional as well as the 21 inch part polished alloy wheels. The interior too has been given special door sills, steel inlays on the multimedia screen lid up front and embroidery on the rear armrest of the car. Also included is a clock which has been specially designed and has a black crown which surrounds the face.

The V-Specification as well as the Ghost Extended Wheelbase variants can be ordered by customers. Since the model’s introduction in 2009, the Ghost has done very well particularly with businessmen and successful entrepreneurs world over.

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