Jaguar Land Rover starts a new plant in Brazil

Jaguar Land Rover has already approved the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Brazil. This has been confirmed by an advert on their career website. This advertisement on the company’s official site says that JLR is in search of quality manager for the Brazil plant. The ad also specifies that “Portuguese language skills will be definite advantage.”


Dr. Ralph Speth, JLR Boss, has admitted that they have had intense discussions with the Brazilian Government. A good thing about opening a plant in Brazil is that they don’t have to join hands with a local partner, like in China. The officials have confirmed that the plant will assemble cars from the CKD kits imported from UK.

Mr. Speth has said that “Brazil and the rest of South America is a very interesting market. It is also an emerging market, growing very aggressively. We are thinking of a kind of a copy-paste facility of the Indian [plant] in Brazil.”

Santiago explained that “I think this has also happened in larger markets like Rio and São Paulo, but those markets are much, much bigger. In those cities, the market grew because, independent of the real estate boom, there already was a good business market in those places, with multinationals and other well-known companies already there.”

Other than JLR, esteem companies like Audi and Mercedes have also announced their plans of opening factories in Brazil. The company has not revealed as to which model will be manufactured by them in Brazil.

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