Nissan to Launch Five Datsun Cars in India

At a time when Europe, US and other established world markets are facing a tough financial situation, automakers are in the process of shifting their focus to emerging markets. India, due to its current status as a rapidly growing economy, has been at the center of attention for almost everyone.


Nissan, Japanese automobile major, is one among the first in line to announce the plans it has for the auto market in India. It has announced that it will launch its low-cost ‘Datsun’ in India. This particular model from Nissan had been phased out around 1986, but Nissan is re-launching it in various emerging markets. A total of five Datsun models will be released in India, the entry-level model being a Rs. 4 lakh hatchback.

The reasons why the Datsun is being launched by Nissan in emerging markets such as India, South Africa and Russia are manifold. Firstly, the customer brand is undergoing a huge shift in these countries. There is a big group of emerging new customers, with completely different needs and wants. Nissan wants to address these upcoming varied requirements with fresh model line-ups.

The basic strategy to address the need in these markets is to decrease irrelevant features, while making sure that any relevant feature (relevant especially for these markets) is not compromised on.

While Nissan Datsun will be launched globally at the Indonesian International Motor Show this year – scheduled to start around September 19th – Nissan will already premier the Datsun at New Delhi in July itself.

The entry level model from the Datsun will be a 5-door hatchback. Nissan released the first official picture of this Datsun Model in February, 2013, which displayed the front façade of the car. As seen from the image, the car is supposed to have distinct angular headlights with a contoured hood.

Nissan did not reveal the detailed specifications of the Datsun hatchback, although it did say that the car would have a “strong” and “independent brand identity.”

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