Suzuki might introduce the Hustler in India

The Hustler, which is the new mini cross over from Suzuki showcased at the Motor Show in Tokyo in the November of this year caught the attention of the press and enthusiasts alike instantly. The vehicle was all over the web and in the news, and speculations were ripe about its being launched in India. Now a report published in a website on automobiles has interestingly claimed that the Hustler might soon reach the Indian shores. Through this mini SUV, Maruti will most certainly target the young families and other young buyers.


The Hustler boasts of an unconventional look, and the mini crossover has been based on the platform of the highly successful Wagon R. The car has more interior space compared to the Wagon R, in spite of being based on the same underpinnings. The SUV will be powered by a 660 cc engine in turbocharged and naturally aspirated form, with a choice between two types of transmissions – five speed manual or CVT. If it is released in the Indian market, the car will most probably feature a K series power train, instead of the 4WD that is used in Japan.

The Hustler is priced at 1.048 million Yen in Japan, which will be approximately Rs 6.15 lakh in India. It will come in eleven different shades of colour, and lots of creative finishes in the interiors. It is quite fuel economical, keeping in line with the other products of the company and will provide up to 29.2 kilometres per litre in city roads.

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