Volvo V40 Crossover to Launch in March 2013

Volvo V40 Crossover to Launch in March 2013

Volvo India has put aside all the speculations about the launch of the new Volvo V40 crossover in India and has released a statement to the media that the car would be officially launched in India in March 2013. This news would now silence all the people who were speculating the launch of the vehicle and Volvo V40 crossover would now get added to the already elaborated Volvo India portfolio which now has Volvo XC 60, Volvo XC 90, Volvo S 60 and Volvo S80. With the launch of this V 40 crossover, Volvo India is looking to further strengthen its share in the Indian luxury car market and is looking to cement its place in the car market. This is going to be a real tough task for Volvo India as it does not have the popular cars like what Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW have. It is going to be a really daunting task for Volvo India to try to topple these leading German car manufacturers from its current top three positions in the luxury car segment in India.

The crossover is bred on the new five-door V40 hatchback, nevertheless the in vogue V40 crossover is cosmetically  falsified to acquire a more sporty and nimble looks. With a ground clearance of 173mm Volvo V40 crossover rides tall on alloy flair body kits which raise the tough looks of the vehicle. The Volvo V40 crossover would be coming with a 6 speed AT gear case coupled to the 2L engine that generates 163bhp power to gift you a fast drive. The Volvo V40 crossover is in all likelihood to be marked at a cost of Rs. 30 lakh, but this is just a speculative figure.

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