Nissan Terrano vs. Renault Duster: A Comparison

Nissan and Renault automobiles are famous for the relationship that they maintain across the world, which is the reason behind most of their cars having the same nature. Renault is known for its European standards and reliability whereas Nissan is known for its Japanese trust and technology. Now both the companies are operating in the Indian market and both of them have launched products which are quite similar to each other. Yes, we are here talking about the Renault Duster and the recently launched Nissan Terrano.


NIissan Terrano

The launch of Duster inspired the launch of Nissan Terrano SUV. This was one of the rare cases where Renault took the lead in launching the car. The Nissan Terrano launch date was 21st August 2013, and being inspired from Renault, it is mostly based on the same framework as that of the Duster.

Nissan Terrano is a SUV made under alliance with Renault. The Duster had done exceptionally well in the market due to its efficiency and affordability. Now the Terrano has been launched with additional features which are expected to give Duster a tough competition.

Nissan Terrano vs. Renault Duster


Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster Car, under the bonnet are pumped up with a 1.6litre MPFI petrol and 1.5litre DCi diesel engine paired with 6-speed manual shifter and 5-speed manual for diesel and petrol respectively. There is no auto transmission to be expected in the Terrano. The engines of both the cars are built to give outstanding overall performance, but performance of the Nissan engine is comparatively better and it is more fun to drive than that of the Duster.



The mileage for both the cars are quite similar at 12-14kmpl on petrol and 17-19kmpl on diesel. The Duster suffers a stiffer suspension with a tight steering wheel and refinements in such parts are expected in the Terrano. At the moment, nothing could be said about the handling and the riding department as this aspect of the Terrano is yet to be unleashed.


One of the most important aspects of comparing cars is its interiors and cabin comfort. Duster has done well in majority of the fields, but when it comes to the interior, it suffers defeat as it lacks charismatic interiors, which a premium car like the Duster should have. The Nissan Terrano interiors, on the other hand, fills up all the odds that Duster suffers, with enhanced features of comfortable seating, intuitive and attractive instrument cluster and central control touchscreen. It will also have additional features such as the eco-mode and the distance to empty. It may also have rear seat passengers AC vents for greater luxury and comfort.

Some of the Nissan Terrano specifications are as follows:

Engine type- diesel
Displacement- 1500cc
Transmission- 6 speed manual
Maximum Power- 108bhp@3900rpm
Maximum Torque- 248Nm@2250rpm
Brake- front- disks
-Rear- drums
Ground clearance- 210mm


All in all, Nissan Terrano car is expected to be priced somewhere close to that of Duster with a maximum difference of Rs.40000-50000. If the car is built according to Nissan’s expectations, the Terrano’s success would make the sale of 3089 units of sale of Duster in a month look small. With overall improvement in all aspects of the car, in the SUV segment, it is expected to come out on top.

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