Volvo Reveals New Concept XC Coupé SUV

The new Concept XC Coupé has been unveiled by Volvo which will be showcased by the carmaker at the Motor Show in Detroit in 2014.


The new Concept XC Coupé is a preview of the next gen XC90 SUV which is likely to be released by the year end. This concept is on the lines of the Concept Coupé which had been showcased by Volvo last year and is also the second in the three concept cars which had been penned by the design chief of Volvo, Thomas Ingenlath. Each of the concepts has been created keeping in mind that they will act as a preview to what the future Volvos would look like and they also showcase the flexible Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) from Volvo.

The new platform will be rolled out with the upcoming XC90 SUV and will be part of all future models of the Volvo which are larger as compared to the V40 from Volvo. As per the designer, the final production edition of this new XC90 SUV would be a seven-seater and would be designed to look like an absolutely proper SUV.

According to Ingelath, the Concept XC Coupé takes inspiration from modern sports equipment design and will appeal to those who have active lifestyles. This can be seen in the way the two rear seats are foldable in order to store sports equipment. 21 inch alloy wheels have been added to the concept as well.

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