Audi unveils the Special Edition Audi 6

Audi has officially unveiled the special edition of its Best selling luxury sedan, the A6 to celebrate the car’s success that inherits the sale of more than 6000 units within 6 years of its launch in the Indian market.


Audi has introduced the special edition of the A6 luxury sedan offering two engine based variants including one with a 2.0-litre TDI engine and another with a 3.0-litre TDI engine. The car has arrived complemented with unique additions including an adaptive air suspension made superb with Audi Drive Select feature, Rear Seat Airbags, 4-zone AC, MMI Touch, MMI Remote Control, bose surround sound, comfort key, LED Headlights and a lot more.

Since the first day of its launch, the Audi A6 has seen a great success on the Indian streets and also, is the proud owner of the World Car of the Year award too. With the launch of the special edition of the Audi A6, the premium car manufacturer of luxury automobiles, tends to thank its loyal customers that made the manufacturer write the success story of A6 sedan and reach to the step today it is standing on.

Offering the maximum value for money in the luxury sedan segment, the Special Edition Audi A6 is available with a starting price of Rs. 46.33 lakh. With such a pricing, we may surely expect the luxury vehicle, considered much a status symbol on the Indian roads, to offer tough rivalry to the Jaguar XF and Mercedes Benz E-Class sedans.

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