Top 5 Sedans

Top 5 Sedan Cars under Rs 15 Lakhs in India

Sedan spells luxury in cars. It is for the elite. Besides being the safest and most comfortable models, sedan is a mark of affluence and good living. The market for luxury sedans is big in India and the sales figures posted for cars of this model have been fairly impressive and are expected to rise despite the hike in fuel prices. We present the Top five sedans that are priced under Rs 15 lakh:

  1. Renault Fluence (Rs.13.62 to Rs. 14.64 lakhs)

Renault Fluence

The Renault Fluence spells luxury with its sleek exterior and rich colours. The vehicles has bigger dimensions than most of its competitors and has cuts and wedges that highlight its features. The vehicle looks graceful and tough at the same time. It has a bright interior that gives it a very spacious and fresh feel. The large dimensions of course offer a lot of comfortable space to move about.
Below mentioned are its specifications:
2.0 litre engine with Advanced CVT II transmission
4 cylinders
Maximum power of 137 PS@4000rpm
Maximum torque of 190 Nm @2000rpm
Mileage-City:18.2 kmpl
Mileage-Highway:21.8 kmpl
67 Litre tank capacity
6 speed Gears


  1. 2. Skoda Laura (Rs. 12.91 to Rs. 14.66 Lakhs)

Skoda Laura

The Skoda Laura provides spectacular design and unmatched features.Its powerful engine delivers high fuel efficiency. The vehicle provides a much more comfortable and safe driving experience with its high end user friendly features.The rear seat of the sedan offers much more space compared to the other vehicles in this category. Its Mechanical Brake Assistant provides enhanced safety while driving.
Below mentioned are its specifications:
2.0 Litre TDI engine
4 cylinders
Maximum Power of up to 140 PS @4000rpm
Maximum torque of up to 320 Nm @2500rpm
Automatic 6 speed transmission
55 Litre tank capacity
5 forward Gears

      3. Honda Civic (Rs. 12.60 to Rs. 14.42 Lakhs)

Honda Civic

Honda civic offers classic modern design along with superb fuel efficiency. Its steering is much more responsive than its competitors and the sedan provides much stronger stability even at high speeds. Its damper spring positioned at the back is an enhanced safety feature of the unit. The latest Drive By Wire technology uses high end technology to control the throttle valve.
Below mentioned are its specifications:
1.8Litre SOHC i-VTEC engine
Maximum power of up to 132 PS@6300rpm
Maximum Torque of up to 17.5Kg-m@4300rpm
50 Litre Tank capacity
Mileage Highway: 14.8Kmpl
Mileage City: 13.9Kmpl
5 speed transmission

  1. Chevrolet Cruze (Rs. 12.91 to Rs. 14.66 Lakhs)

Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze comes with the tagline ’Powerhouse Reloaded’. It boasts of one of the most powerful and refines engines among its competitors. The sedan offers elegant and stylish design in its interiors as well as exteriors along with superior driving features and a unique balance of performance,looks and fuel efficiency.
Below mentioned are its specifications:
2.0Litre VCDi engine
Maximum power of 166 PS@3800rpm
Maximum Torque of 380 Nm@2000rpm
4 Cylinders
17.3Kmpl mileage
6 speed manual transmission
6 speed automatic transmission

  1. Hyundai Fluidic Elantra (Rs. 12.55 to Rs. 15,89 Lakhs):

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is a savvy car with a fluid exterior. It has very spacious interiors that offer good legroom and headroom with ventilated seats and attachments like reversing cameras, dual zone climate control and much more. the Elantra offers comfortable suspension which is optimal for city driving.  It is built with excellent safety features such as 6 airbags, ESP, VSM, ABS & EBD
1.8 litre Dual VTVT engine
Maximum power of 147 BHP@6500rpm
Maximum Torque of 177 Nm@4700rpm
16.3Kmpl mileage
6 speed manual / automatic transmissions


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