Hyundai Santro Xing Prices In ahmedabad
Hyundai Santro Xing price in Ahmedabad currently ranges between N/A, prices being ex-showroom. This is the current price of the car and varies from its price history in Ahmedabad when its ex-showroom price ranged from:
Year 2006:Rs 2,73,029 to 4,26,641
Year 2007:Rs 2,76,982 to 4,30,810
Year 2008:Rs 3,28,811 to 4,04,605
Year 2009:Rs 2,69,865 to 3,77,711
Year 2010:Rs 2,69,865 to 23,46,000
Year 2011:Rs 2,87,124 to 4,33,879
Year 2012:Rs 2,87,124 to 24,90,644
Year 2013:Rs 3,10,603 to 4,22,998
Year 2014:Rs 3,17,271 to 4,07,119
Year 2015:Rs 3,17,271 to 4,07,119
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Hyundai made its debut in the Indian market with the Santro in 1998 and Santro actually took the small car market by storm. Hyundai’s competition was directly with the largest car manufacturer Maruti and the Santro did proved its might by taking a large chunk of the market from Maruti and becoming the second largest car company in India. Santro was a modern car which was comfortable, safe and had a truly international design. After thirteen years Santro is still selling good and continues to lure in customers. The credit for this is mainly due to the constant upgrades Santro has gone through. Santro still looks young, drives wonderfully and is very much affordable for the Indian middle class. Santro is also available with an LPG option, add the discounts offered by the dealers every now and then still makes the Santro a very good buy. 

Hyundai Santro Xing No variant available
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