Toyota Innova Price
Toyota Innova price currently ranges between N/A, prices being ex-showroom. This is the current price of the car and varies from its price history , when its ex-showroom price ranged from:
Year 2006:Rs 7,42,660 to 10,36,930
Year 2012:Rs 8,62,400 to 12,54,000
Year 2013:Rs 9,77,149 to 14,46,927
Year 2014:Rs 10,20,621 to 12,95,955
Year 2015:Rs 10,21,000 to 12,58,279
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Right from the time of Qualis Toyota has been the leader in the MUV segment. Innova was launched as the new generation replacement for the Qualis and it did took the legacy a step further. Where Qualis was a preferred choice for the taxi operators, Innova made a mark in the hearts of taxi and personal car owners as well. Innova was the new way to carry ones family of 7 around with proper comfort. Innova broke all the sales records for MUV’s, it was comfortable, reliable and refined, and it was a perfect family vehicle which was good cities and highways both. Toyota launched the face lifted version of the Innova in 2012 which included new head and tail lamps and refreshed interiors as well. Innova still continues to rule the MUV segment with ease and is one of the best family carriers around. 

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